This is a little project I've been working on in my spare time; a roguelike. After fiddling about with it for some time it's now at a point where there's actually something for people to look at and maybe toy with.


As of this writing, the following features are in place:


The download currently only is for 64-bit Linux, a Mac OS X build will be up soon. The game is light on external libraries, so should work on most setups. If it doesn't, shoot me a line at with the relevant details, and I'll see what I can do about it (if anything).




The '@' at the center of the screen is you, and the other '@' is your friend Cynthia, who will follow you around. You can move using the numpad or arrow keys. Actions are your standard rougelike fare:

Pick up item,;
Drop itemdD
Show inventoryi
Rename an itemN
Examine an iteme
Wield itemw
Disassemble item:
Assemble item+
Save & Quit^Q


A design paramater of the MMRL is keeping the game as moddable as is conceivably doable, with as much data in external files as is possible. To that end, the definitions for all sorts of types are kept in /data/raw, and the code that makes the types do stuff is kept in /data/squirrel. Files are loaded in breadth-first alphabetical order, and most of the definitions that are in the included files should be kept, as they are referred to directly for testing purposes.

Save & Configuration

Save and configuration files are kept in ~/.mmrl. Be aware that compression of save files is not yet implemented (for ease of editing during testing, mostly), so save files can get kind of big if you wander around a lot to admire the terrain.

License notes

MMRL draws on the projects listed below. See LICENSE.markdown in the distribution file for complete details.